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Are Sundays the new Mondays? And how we're reclaiming ours!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Is it a sign of the times that 60%* of people claim Sundays one of the worst days of the week? People who cannot overcome the fact that Sunday precedes Monday, a day very few (very lucky) people anticipate with joy.

To caveat, not every country follows this working week. Most Christian nations will follow the Saturday/Sunday weekend to line up with the Sabbath, whereas Islam countries centre the weekend around their sacred day, Friday. Between us, we know two things of Brunei, the Sultan was once the richest man in the world, and their weekend is Friday and Sunday. But regardless of the day, for the average person the back-to-work (or back-to-school) dread appears to be universal.

We're trying a different approach, tossing aside those Sunday blues (the mood not the music obvs) and celebrating reasons why Sunday is the peak day of the week. Firstly, you are well into weekend mode, you have none of the exhaustion of Friday or the social commitments of Saturday. Secondly, the holy day when even God rested is surely an excuse for some rejuvenating self-indulgence. And thirdly, keeping it British - Sunday roasts.

There are many ways to enjoy a Sunday (leave yours in the comments?), but here's our ultimate:

Note we said 'ultimate' - the reality is that 3 of those things would be a feat, when life admin tasks of grocery shopping, household budgeting and business-starting can't be avoided! (Not to mention work-working because we're taking that off the table). So next Sunday, let's agree to make plans, cancel plans, and do whatever it takes to put the metaphorical sun back into Sunday.

Until next time


*based on a seriously unofficial office survey

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