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Endless possibilities of digital art

There really isn't a story here. On a Friday evening I found this old drawing archived on my desktop, not even a clean scan just a low-res photograph of something I drew years ago. But for something to do, I opened it in Photoshop and started playing. As someone who is terrible with decisions, I find the endless possibilities daunting, but also so much fun. EACH THREAD is young and finding its aesthetic, these sorts of evenings are part of the journey to our creative identity.

So, as I began, there is no story. The images below are a product of Friday and Saturday night, whilst others were out celebrating the ease of lockdown. But once I'd exhausted myself with this particular drawing, I found the results such a great example of the limitless world of digital art that I thought they were worth sharing in a story-less post. As I look at them now, I think how excited I am to see where this journey takes us.

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