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Why we think series 3 of Killing Eve is the best yet

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

For me, I was disenchanted with the first series because of the excessive attention it got for being a 'feminist' show by breaking stereotypes. Firstly, Villanelle is h.o.t. and Eve is a disillusioned wife craving excitement. This wasn't groundbreaking stuff, but beyond this resistance I did enjoy it. The second series covered the chase. Meaning left for the third series was complete joy! The dreamy locations and covetable wardrobe, the absurdity of certain scenes, the balanced character exploration. Carolyn came into her own this season and I feel that there are elements in all three women that we can criticise and relate to at the same time. All of us have our own levels of spontaneity, desire, ruthlessness, curiosity, ambition and heartlessness that the female leads depict. Yes, there were some heartbreaking plots and gory murders, but this series appeared to have fun at its centre which was made for a welcome weekly watch.


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