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New prints - a (slightly wilting) May bouquet

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

This week I was feeling paint, although not sure it was feeling me...

So I picked up a paintbrush and painted some flowers I had bought a few days ago in a vase (not a vase as such, an inherited Costa glass, buying a vase is on my long-list). I wasn't in love with the results but sometimes it's about the process and siting at my desk in the sunshine playing with paint was satisfaction itself. Especially the gold ink. There is a reason anything glittery has a reputation for fun.

Below are said results, and yes that is a bit of paper stuck to one of the flowers, I guess I wasn't very precious over this artwork and I thought I'd go with it...

I would like some more painterly prints in the repertoire, but it is a fickle media. I think where things are working here are where there is more movement and tonal colours. No one likes muddy colours The last few are interesting which I take as a sign to continue with the fun metallic ink!


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