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Normal People ~ does the TV series live up to the book? We think so.

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Yes everyone is or was talking about Normal People, but for good reason. I relished the book, quoting lines to my family and friends that I thought articulated some deep truth within me. I read Normal People before Conversations with Friends, but in both Sally Rooney has this incredible talent for fleshing out characters, and will likely have you seeing yourself reflected back in the pages. Other occupational hazards include a hollowing of the chest and desperate desire to be loved. I was so pleased that the BBC series did her writing justice. Much has been written about the tremendous effectiveness of conveying the private emotions and complex thoughts without the support of written words, or even much dialogue at all. There has also been praise for the way the show dealt with sex scenes, which are central to the narrative. The intimacy coordinator has been credited with producing scenes of honesty and simplicity that enhance rather than detract from the couple's knotted intimacy. Cannot wait to re-watch.


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