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Pen, 'I may destroy you' and face masks

This weekend has been a blur, cannot believe it is Monday again!

Starting this business whilst maintaining our day jobs means we really need to maximise our productivity hours but at the same time socialising, cleaning and exercising cannot go amiss. And frankly, keeping it up is tough. But we love Each Thread and it's one of the easiest activities to spend time on.

This week I've been discussing the show 'I may destroy you' by the BBC with friends, with the general consensus that it is more reflective of common experiences than we'd like to think. A friend summed it up with the word 'confronting'. I could only watch it with one eye closed. How sad that sexual assault is so universal. It is the very opposite to Normal People, in that the sex is violating, invasive and mainly loveless. At times the sex scenes are pushed to the edges of 'realistic' that they become surreal. The blood-clot scene provokes perhaps more disgust and shock than it should. The other underlying theme was race and initially I thought they were only portraying one particular side of black-British culture but as the show unfolds, more black characters are brought in across a diversity of roles. The representation speaks as much as the commentary, highlighting with its persistence the absence of black characters elsewhere on TV.

I've also been trying to do something with these lovely (if I do say so myself) pen and ink drawings I did a few weeks ago of some flowers and leaves I'd kept past their prime in the pursuit of art. I know there is a print in there somewhere, but I haven't quite found it. I played around in Photoshop, keeping the fine lines, which has a whisper of toile de jouy that I'm quite keen on. And then I brought them into Illustrator which obviously loses some of the detail but gains flexibility leading to my favourite past-time, colour experiments! Not entirely sure where this is going, but it's not the last we've seen of these drawings, I like working in pen and ink too much to give up!

Finally, as face-coverings become mandatory in the UK, here's a little sneak preview of a mask we've made in the May-Bouquet print.

Stay tuned to our instagram for more!

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