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Shinto Miko 巫女

I think it started with the food. And then I learned the language as something to do on my morning commute. Shortly after I watched Tokyo Story. And steadily I became enamoured with Japan. I first visited December 2018, and again January 2020. And could happily make it an annual trip. For these reasons, expect to see several prints inspired by Japanese culture and locations...

Today I'm sharing this gorgeous image of a Shinto Miko in Kyoto. I haven't quite decided how I want to use it, but I've included a work in progress below.

And I have some interesting Shinto Miko 'internet facts':

1) Shinto is the indigenous polytheistic religion of Japan

2) The term Miko is often translated as 'shrine maiden'

3) For centuries Mikos were believed to have magical powers

4) In Modern Japan, the duties are mainly secular and it can be a part-time job during college or university

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