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The Good Fight S.4 opens with an anti-Trump antidote

Absolutely adore this show, its courage, creativity and sincerity. Season 4 did not disappoint with an array of challenging and highly relevant topics approached with vigour and a little humour where appropriate. The opening episode particularly stuck with me - life as we know it re-imagined if Hilary had won the election over Trump. The show does not shy from satire or pointed criticism of the current US president, but what was presented in this alternate reality was a world where the Woman's March didn't happen, the dramatic resurgence of #MeToo didn't happen, Harvey Weinstein was at large and there was just as much political conflict and division. How refreshing to shine a spotlight on positive progress and interrogate if the grass really is greener, and question if we have over-attributed much of today's discontent to one man.


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